Everything is illuminated

August 18, 2006

is the title of a book by Safran Foer. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s on my shelf. I have always appreciated the title, though. I think it’s a wonderful way of expressing how life should be, illuminated in everything we do.

One of my necklace is particularly meaningful to me. When I wear it, I can see in people’s eyes excitment and joy. It has a word written in the clay: SHINE.


Quite a shit day

August 18, 2006

yesterday. But I’m confident today it will be better. I’m well rested: I slept avoiding all the jet lag troubles. I’m going out this morning, trying to focus on something different from books, pc, and the fight with my boyfriend.

New entry

August 17, 2006

I’ve just closed a blog and I’ve decided to open a new one. Don’t ask me why. This blog has no purpose but to write about myself in English. I don’t want to write in my native language, basically because I don’t want to be “found”. It’s not that I’m hiding from someone, but I’m tired of being read by friends who know me: this has an impact on my style, on the topis I write about. Anyway, here I am.

Talk to you soon

Hello world!

August 17, 2006

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